The Toronto Non-GMO Coalition is a group of organizations from the Toronto area who are working together to increase awareness and effect positive change around GMO issues. Our efforts are focused on providing information to the public on health, environment & ethical issues surrounding genetically modified organisms and on organizing events to bring attention to these concerns.

Member groups have different concentrations, but share the same larger vision of a Canada without genetically modified food. Each group works to provide particular skills and knowledge to support the others in their particular concentrations. Collectively, we seek to effecting change in the Canadian consumer, political and social landscape with respect to GMO issues.

JOIN US! Should your organization be interested in becoming a Coalition member, please send an email to [email protected].  Follow us on Twitter and Instagram at @NonGMOToronto and on Facebook at

The Toronto Seed Library, a growing cooperative of individuals and organizations, seed savers, gardeners, farmers, educators, librarians, policy makers and food lovers of all varieties are creating a free, self-perpetuating seed library system.
Follow us at, on Facebook at and on Twitter @FreeSeedsTO

Founded by 17-yr-old environment and safe food activist Rachel Parent, the Kids Right To Know non-profit organization was founded on the belief that we have the “Right to Know” what’s in our food, helping to create mass awareness about the risks of GMOs and to push for their mandatory labeling.  Follow on Instagram and Facebook at, on Twitter at @RachelsNews, Instagram @rachels_news and @kidsrighttoknoworg.

Millions Against Monsanto Toronto is home of the Toronto chapter of the Organic Consumers Association’s worldwide Millions Against Monsanto campaign.

The Genetic Engineering Debate is an organization focused on essays and articles debating genetic engineering, synthetic life, patenting life, corporate control, evolution, food security, democracy and the sacred.

No More GMOs Toronto is a Toronto-based food action and awareness initiative concerned about genetically modified organisms (GMOs) in our food supply. As Toronto’s member of the Canadian Biotechnology Action Network (CBAN) our focus is on awareness and action.

Safe Food Matters’ Mission is to promote the health of Canadians by upholding the administration of laws concerning the assessment of the safety of food.  The focus of their work is in the legal and regulatory arena. Follow us at, on Instagram and Facebook at and on Twitter at @safefoodmatt

Earth Valley Organics Ltd. is a certified organic regenerative farm located in Ontario growing heirloom garlic, herbs, fruits, vegetables and ancient grains.